March 22, 2018(904)

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13Q2 Talk with Us

What do interest rates have to do with the market anyway?  We have had plenty of good markets with rising interest rates as well as falling ones.  Bad markets have also occurred during rising as well as falling rates. However, investors do perceive there is some correlation between interest rates and the stock market. Stocks […]
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13Q3 Forecast

Economy The U.S. economic growth pace should accelerate in the second half of this year.  It should be boosted by increasing home sales and continued recovery in housing values.  Our economy also benefits from domestic energy sources supplying a greater share of our needs.  An abundance of natural gas is giving our manufacturing and chemical […]
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13Q3 Strategy

Equities As the economy continues to improve, companies that benefit from it should lead the way in the stock market.  These would include many industrial, technology (especially those associated with capital investment), energy, and financial companies. These sectors are those we have chosen to emphasize in portfolios we have developed. Fixed Income We have not […]
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13Q2 Recap

The Fed strikes!  It didn’t seem like much.  Two weeks ago, Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, outlined his expectations for economic progress, the subsequent withdrawal of quantitative easing, and future interest rate increases.  Even though this outline was contingent upon his economic forecast, many market participants took this to be a clear and present warning […]
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