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At Riverplace Capital, we approach fiduciary planning, family wealth management, and investment management with expertise and piercing insight. Executive Chairman, Peter Bower, founded Riverplace Capital in 1998 with a vision of financial handling for small business owners, family estates, individual investors, and financially forward thinkers. Now, after over 25 years of fulfilling that vision, our clients enjoy the confidence that comes from our experience.

Our philosophy has always been to approach financial and investment management with the tenacity and integrity of a lone bull, standing apart from the herd. We’re unafraid to go against the grain to find a unique financial strategy and perspective. We offer concierge wealth management backed by our experience and more than 100 years of collective insight.

Our Legacy
Riverplace Capital | Jacksonville family wealth management and private investment services

Financial Management Services

Private Investment Plans

Our holistic approach takes the bull by the horns to optimize your investments, tax strategies, adaptive approaches, and financial planning. In short, we take care of everything so you don't have to.
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Family Office Services

With experts guiding your family wealth management, our suite of white-glove services will help you identify your goals and seamlessly transition your family assets, investments, and capital.
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Small Business Advisory

For more than 25 years, Riverplace Capital has been assisting small businesses in Florida manage the various financial challenges and opportunities that every small business faces.
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Our Team

Since 1998, our team has been instrumental in guiding countless financial planners to create a custom wealth management strategy. Our team is comprised of the best in the business, and we pour our experience and expertise into every account we manage.

For over 25 years, our financial advisors have outlined financial plans, allocated investments, planned retirements, and created a framework to help clients plan for generational wealth management. We have the sharp skills and fiduciary savvy to plan every detail of your investment management.

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Riverplace Capital | Jacksonville family wealth management and private investment services

Lonely Bull Blog

At the heart of our financial thought leadership is an ambition to provide comprehensive bespoke financial guidance to our clients. We foster a culture of preparation by keeping our wits about us and encouraging strategic planning. We do more than react to a financial situation; we anticipate it through experienced forecasting to have a plan in place. Our clients know we approach their wealth management proactively.
Scott's Weekly Stock Market Update
Every week, Scott Wohlers, our president of investment services takes to our social channels to provide analysis and predictions of the financial markets. Tune in every week to gain valuable insights about what's happening and what's on the horizon for the markets.
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At Riverplace Capital, we value trust and take the time to build real, lasting relationships with our clients. You will never be lost in the shuffle because, just like you, we always put your family first.

Speak with one of our financial experts today to discover how our forward-thinking financial perspective can be put to work for your family's investments.

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Riverplace Capital | Jacksonville family wealth management and private investment services