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Happy Anniversary!

On October 1, 2020, Riverplace Capital celebrates 22 years serving clients. After 20 years as a vice president at Merrill Lynch, I founded this firm to deliver high financial performance and individualized service. Over time I assembled a seasoned team, highlighted in our anniversary banner.  Together we have more than one century of combined investment experience. Click here to meet our team. Our track record and client retention rate points towards success, and we continuously find new ways to build upon those results.

A commitment to community investment through philanthropy has been a hallmark of our culture.  We are deeply committed to providing ongoing investor education and thought leadership. We deliver this through client information sessions, expert investing advice previously featured on Monday morning television, and now, a series of financial articles in The Resident newspaper. Click here to see the October Resident article

Our Lonely Bull Library and Lonely Bull Glossary provide online financial articles and respective terms.  These, along with weekly blogs and Market Update Facebook Live sessions, as well as issues of the quarterly Market Perspective newsletter, can be accessed in the information section of this website.

Information is power and we are constantly monitoring markets, the economy and other factors to give you real time information and relevant data for your decision making. We would love to talk with you.

Peter Bower, Founder

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Who we are

Founded in 1998, Riverplace Capital is a private wealth management firm located in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a full array of financial resources and specialties in Investment Management, Business Ownership, Real Estate, and Family Office services.  A fiduciary Registered Investment Advisory firm, we provide discreet, personalized, and individually tailored financial services to long-term investors.  Riverplace Capital Money Managers deliver top performance through financial planning and disciplined investing. We work together with you to enhance your investment results and income, manage your risk, and provide tax protection.

The Lonely Bull moniker reflects our independence of thought and unique hands-on approach to investing. Unlike most firms, you work directly with the people managing your money, not an intermediary. If you want to work with a firm that approaches investment differently from the others, Talk with Us!

Quarantine Special -Free Financial Plan


For a limited time Riverplace Capital is offering a free financial plan (value $1500) for anyone during this difficult period, not just for our clients. Click here to learn more.

Why Choose Riverplace Capital?

Financial Performance

Financial Performance

At Riverplace Capital we hold ourselves to high performance standards and frequently meet or outperform industry benchmarks.

Investment Experience

Investment Experience

We have one century of combined investment experience and have been serving clients for 22 years.

Tax Protection

Tax Protection

We select individual securities that are more tax efficient than many financial products, planing the timing for buying and selling to best meet your tax needs.

Money Management

Money Management

We don’t farm out your portfolio or hire other firms. You work directly with the people managing your money, not an intermediary.



The firm’s Lonely Bull Moniker reflects our independence of thought and unique approach to investing.



As a fiduciary we act in your best interests, earning income based on your success. We do not sell insurance or financial products that charge additional commissions.


We call it Business Advising

You Call It Fulfilling your dreams


We call it Money Management

You call it freedom to live your life.


We call it Financial Planning

You call it smoothing out life's ups and downs.


We call it Wealth Management

You Call it Leaving a Legacy.


We Call it Retirement Planning

You Call it Living the Good Life.