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Separate yourself from the herd of same-minded investing strategies.

Riverplace Capital is a trusted resource for wealth management

In 1998, Peter Bower founded Riverplace Capital, a private, well-respected wealth management firm that manages investments internally for small businesses, individual clients and generations of families.  Our team of seasoned professionals provide discreet, personalized and individually tailored financial services for long-term investors. Click on one of the five icons below to discover what separates us from the herd of same-minded investors.

Financial Performance

Financial Performance

At Riverplace Capital we hold ourselves to high performance standards and frequently meet or outperform industry benchmarks.

Investment Experience

Investment Experience

We have one century of combined investment experience and have been serving clients for 24 years.

Tax Protection

Tax Protection

We select individual securities that are more tax efficient than many financial products, planing the timing for buying and selling to best meet your tax needs.

Money Management

Money Management

We don’t farm out your portfolio or hire other firms. You work directly with the people managing your money, not an intermediary.



The firm’s Lonely Bull Moniker reflects our independence of thought and unique approach to investing.

Riverplace Capital Restructures Company For Future Growth

In a significant organizational restructuring to position the company for the future, Founder and CEO of Riverplace Capital Management Peter Bower announces the formation of a new executive management team comprised of Scott Wohlers and Mark Ross, promoted to Co-President, and Mr. Bower, who remains Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer.

In his new role, Mr. Wohlers will continue to promote and build the organization, overseeing marketing and business development. Mr. Ross will manage portfolios and oversee expansion of Wealth Management, Family Office, and Life Management Services.

Mr. Bower stated these changes will help the company to manage growth and provide for succession and continuity. Learn More about Our Team »

Clients Place Their Confidence In Riverplace Capital For Wealth Management

As a private and independent fiduciary Registered Investment Advisory firm with over 100 years of combined experience, the Riverplace Capital Management team provides financial expertise, broad industry knowledge and leadership in private wealth management.
Our investing and money management services include:

  • Investment Management
  • Business Ownership
  • Real Estate
  • Family Office Services

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Weekly Lonely Bull Blog


A New Industrial Revolution

For most of this past week, the future of our stock market rally hung on the Nvidia earnings report. If it was good, then the rally would continue, fueled by the assurance that broad adoption of generative artificial intelligence, AI, would continue. If not, then the market would likely have corrected with a need to […]

Lonely Bull in the News


Investors are People

People are people. Their behaviors never really change. Read history, or better yet, Shakespeare, and the same impulses, motivations, and reactions occur over and over again. Fear and greed play a yin and yang roll in any period. Therefore, good investors can predict panic and exuberance from one period to the next. It is also […]

Charita BULL Giving


Riverplace Capital is Proud to Support The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra

Join us for the 2022/23 Season hosted by Maestro Courtney Lewis! The 73rd season of the Jacksonville Symphony promises world-class music performed by one of America’s finest orchestras and will take you on a journey of musical adventures both long-awaited and yet to be discovered. Experience a journey of live symphonic music. Lose yourself in […]

Riverplace Capital Expands Family Office Services

Over the years, Riverplace Capital has observed a growing client need for expanded life management and legacy planning services.  Some may involve making special financial arrangements for eldercare, or for dependents.  Other situations may require working with multigenerational family members and the transfer of generational wealth.  Whatever the need, we are here to help you navigate life transitions throughout the decades.

To accommodate this area of increasing growth, Riverplace Capital is expanding its focus on life and family services with the formal creation of Family Office Services. Consistent with our commitment to provide comprehensive financial services for all of our clients, Family Office Services are available to existing and new clients based on need, and are not limited to those at a specific investment level.

Local leader Scott Wohlers talks about investing during chaotic times

The Importance Of A Financial Plan And How You Can Get One At No Cost

This past year has been one for the history books, and one key takeaway is the importance of having a financial plan.  No one knows when the next crisis, recession, or unexpected event may arise.  Did you know that according to Charles Schwab, only 25% of Americans have a financial plan?  We have plans for so many things in our lives, whether it’s planning for something as simple as your day, planning your next vacation, or even your evacuation in case of a threat to your home.  Since we plan for many things in our lives, why do so many Americans not have a financial plan?  Is a financial plan even necessary?

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Guide to Identifying a New Bull Market

How do investors know that we’ve actually entered into a new Bull Market?  This guide by Scott Wohlers, President, will help lay out the steps to identify when we’ve entered into a Bull Market.