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A Squall!

Early this past week, stock markets were hit with a quick, short sell-off, a squall rather than a big storm. It affected technology stocks most directly but also other highly valued companies. For readers of the Bull’s blog, this should come as no surprise. An increase in volatility has long been forecasted. Is more on the way? We shall soon see.  Money flow data for the markets will soon tell us. Nevertheless, declines should not be too severe. There is tremendous liquidity in the system and more on the way through additional Federal stimulus.

Our preference during this period is to not make changes, perhaps an opportunistic one here or there, but mostly staying patient. After all, the economy is already recovering and with vaccinations for Covid-19 ramping up, expect more. Perhaps by summer, some of the most hard-hit sectors in our economy will also be returning to life. Internal market sector action already shows investors predicting just that. Stay steady, my friends.

El Solo Toro

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The Importance of a Financial Plan

How You Can Get One At No Cost

This past year has been one for the history books, and one key takeaway is the importance of having a financial plan.  No one knows when the next crisis, recession, or unexpected event may arise.  Did you know that according to Charles Schwab, only 25% of Americans have a financial plan?  We have plans for so many things in our lives, whether it’s planning for something as simple as your day, planning your next vacation, or even your evacuation in case of a threat to your home.  Since we plan for many things in our lives, why do so many Americans not have a financial plan?  Is a financial plan even necessary?

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Founded in 1998, Riverplace Capital is a private wealth management firm located in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer a full array of financial resources and specialties in Investment Management, Business Ownership, Real Estate, and Family Office services.  A fiduciary Registered Investment Advisory firm, we provide discreet, personalized, and individually tailored financial services to long-term investors.  Riverplace Capital Money Managers deliver top performance through financial planning and disciplined investing. We work together with you to enhance your investment results and income, manage your risk, and provide tax protection.

The Lonely Bull moniker reflects our independence of thought and unique hands-on approach to investing. Unlike most firms, you work directly with the people managing your money, not an intermediary. If you want to work with a firm that approaches investment differently from the others, Talk with Us!

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Financial Performance

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Investment Experience

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Tax Protection

We select individual securities that are more tax efficient than many financial products, planing the timing for buying and selling to best meet your tax needs.

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Money Management

We don’t farm out your portfolio or hire other firms. You work directly with the people managing your money, not an intermediary.



The firm’s Lonely Bull Moniker reflects our independence of thought and unique approach to investing.



As a fiduciary we act in your best interests, earning income based on your success. We do not sell insurance or financial products that charge additional commissions.


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