13Q3 Strategy

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As the economy continues to improve, companies that benefit from it should lead the way in the stock market.  These would include many industrial, technology (especially those associated with capital investment), energy, and financial companies. These sectors are those we have chosen to emphasize in portfolios we have developed.

Fixed Income

We have not been buying bonds for some time, (except in a few specific cases).  Therefore, the rise in interest rates is a welcomed event for us.  We look forward to the day when bond rates are normalized and offer reasonable returns for the risk of holding them.  Rates are not yet near that point, but at least they are finally moving in the right direction.

Wealth Management

We have anticipated higher interest rates, so adjustments to asset allocation portfolios will be minor at most.  We will watch the performance of all the investment sectors we use as we emerge from this correction.  Those that begin to produce the best performance will be our guide for further allocation changes.  We do not anticipate extensive changes, but we will simply have to wait and see.

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