Riverplace Capital fees are competitive with added value provided to clients including services other firms may charge for.

Our Management Fee is 1.25 % annualized, billed in advance in quarterly increments. This may be paid directly or automatically out of account.

We are competitive and more or less in the middle of the range in price for Registered Investment Advisory fees.

Aggregate Assets Under Management
$2,000,000 and Below
$2,000,000 and Above
*The minimum annual fee is $1,250 and is negotiable. Current client relationships may exist where the fees are higher or lower transaction fees are charged from the schedule above.

In exchange for this fee, you receive from us the following services free of charge:

  • Initial financial consultation
  • Financial Plan (A $1,250 value)
  • Regular face-to-face meetings
  • Trusted advice on numerous matters, financial and otherwise
  • Fees may be discounted for size. Multiple accounts may be aggregated to this fee calculation. Accounts are usually custodied with Charles Schwab or Pershing, a division of/Bank of NY Mellon
  • Transaction costs are born by the account. These are low negotiated rates.  Since Riverplace Capital trades infrequently, these costs are minimal.

Account Minimum: Most accounts have a $100,000 minimum. While many firms require a $500,000 minimum, we are committed to making wealth management accessible to as many individuals as possible. We know that the practice of investing can help you realize goals that might otherwise appear out of reach and welcome the opportunity to start you on the path of lifetime investing.

If you are interested in working with a firm that provides added value at no added cost, Talk With Us!