Riverplace Capital has a long history providing exemplary service and meeting clients investment goals. Many of our clients have been with us for decades and several have referred friends and family members (See “About Us”- Client Referral Program).

We work hard to build your trust through various methods of communication, including in-person meetings, a quarterly Perspectives Newsletter, our weekly Lonely Bull blog and regular live Face Book sessions on Thursdays. We’ve added a Learning Library to our website with resources and information to help guide your investing decisions.

We recognize that circumstances and relationships may change over the years.  We are committed to performance, quality and service and ask you to let us know if we ever do not meet your expectations.

We also understand that investing requires a long-term approach to achieving your goals.  This requires some discipline and patience at times. We are hear to discuss those circumstances and decisions as they occur.  Please Talk With Us at any time to share your thoughts, concerns or questions.

If you are not satisfied with our service or performance for any reason, you have no obligation to continue with us. The management of your assets can be stopped at any time. Your account will be at a third  party custodian and you can do anything with it you wish.