Riverplace Capital wealth management firm is committed to service and performance excellence. We have experienced success working with clients for decades, but our approach isn’t for everyone.  Here is an overview on who we are NOT a good fit for:

  • Clients with a short term investing time horizon. Riverplace Capital investing approach and research focuses on a 3-5 year time frame. We also seek to be tax efficient, looking for long term capital gains rather than shorter term results.
  • Individuals who want the cheapest cost. We are competitive and more or less in the middle of the range in price for Registered Investment Advisory fees.  However, we include a number of services free which you may not want.
  • You are not comfortable with a firm that does its own research and selects securities and builds portfolios designed to impact a certain strategy. Many other firms allocate to mutual funds and other structured products that may be well known.  These, however, have internal fees that are paid out of the portfolio that they manage. In addition, you pay the investment management firm for their services. Riverplace Capital does not do this.
  • You think you want professional investment management expertise but have trouble relinquishing control. Riverplace Capital operates with full discretion. This is obviously guided by significant research and matched to align with your needs and risk tolerance. Once we agree on a strategy and goals, we do not consult with you on every buying or selling of securities for your account. We report monthly and produce a quarterly performance reports on your behalf, showing you how you are doing, with appropriate comparisons.
  • If you require a lot of one-on-one meetings and live far from our office. We travel some as needed, and ensure each client receives top level service. But we cannot give the same close attention in person to clients at a distance as we can those closely located.  That said, we have many satisfied clients across the United States and are able to effectively communicate with them and meet their needs despite the distance. It is mostly a matter of your communication preference and style.

If you like working with a firm that does its own research and focuses on long term tax efficiency and capital gains, Talk With Us!