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We’re Proud To Celebrate Serving Clients for nearly 25 years

This coming October 1, 2023 Riverplace Capital will celebrate 25 years serving clients. After 18 years as a vice president at Merrill Lynch, I founded this firm to deliver high financial performance and individualized service. Over time I assembled a seasoned team, highlighted in our anniversary banner.  Together we have more than one century of combined investment experience. Click here to meet our team. Our track record and client retention rate points towards success, and we continuously find new ways to build upon those results.

A commitment to community investment through philanthropy has been a hallmark of our culture.  We are deeply committed to providing ongoing investor education and thought leadership. We deliver this through client information sessions, expert investing advice previously featured on Monday morning television, and individual and group gatherings.

Our Lonely Bull Library and Lonely Bull Glossary provide online financial articles and respective terms.  These, along with weekly blogs and weekly video market update sessions, as well as issues of the quarterly Market Perspective Newsletter, can be accessed in the information section of this website.

Information is power and we are constantly monitoring markets, the economy and other factors to give you real time information and relevant data for your decision making. We would love to talk with you.

– Peter Bower

Founder, Executive Chairman & Chief Investment Officer