July 3, 2024

Living in a Period of Miracles and Wonder

By Peter Bower

Yes, there will always be business and market cycles, political conflict, wars, sickness, death, and many other maladies, but we are also witnessing miracles and wonder. These are evident in semi-conductors that have 200 billion transistors and make trillions of computations before you can blink your eyes and drugs that can train our bodily systems to better attack cancer, viruses, and many other sicknesses. We have made materials that can withstand tremendous stressors and heat, devices that enrich our lives every day, and so much more –miracles and wonder.

We live in a country where ordinary people can invest in these miracles, participate in the growth they generate, and share in their great wealth and value creation. In how many other countries on this planet is that possible? Probably not many. This country is so fortunate to encourage and attract the best and the brightest. Some have gone on to do astounding things that serve us all, enrich our lives, and help give us a standard of living and quality of life former kings could not even imagine. And there is so much more on the horizon.

The founders of this great country bequeathed to us a structure and a culture that have made this possible. This year, we are celebrating the 248th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence and founding. May we, our children, their children, and on and on continue to celebrate that fateful event and cherish it as much as we do today. Miracles and wonders abound. Happy Birthday, America!

The Lonely Bull