In The Lonely Bull

No stock market correction so far, but a lot of internal volatility.  Some sectors are doing just fine as others are under pressure. 

Individual securities may be seeing outsized moves based upon news or analyst reports.  These are all signs of thin markets; ones with poor liquidity. 

As many professional investors take vacation in August, this shouldn’t be too surprising.  The good business outlook is little changed, but investor concerns have been all over the board and amplified by the thin participation.

This kind of environment is usually a good one to use exaggerated moves for advantage rather than to be influenced by them.  Otherwise, one should maintain a longer-term view and be patient.  Taking a vacation too is not a bad solution.  Fundamentals for the rest of the year look good; the economy may be expanding at a 3% rate for the third quarter, so there is a lot to like. 

Stay steady, my friends.

the Lonely Bull

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