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Riverplace Capital offers guidance for real estate investment strategies, including real estate financing, and the self-directed IRA

Riverplace Capital professionals, in Jacksonville, FL, guide clients through investment strategies involving real estate, financing, and the self-directed IRA. We understand all aspects of a client’s financial profile in their overall financial plan, so we can guide future investment decisions, whether the real estate asset itself, mortgage, or financial vehicle used to finance a property. Clients can depend on our financial expertise as part of the investment process.

Whether you’re buying or selling a property, the structure of the real estate deal and proper titling of the asset can have a major effect on the long-term financial success of your real estate investment in the same way that financing structure can have an impact on any other investment.

As your trusted Financial Advisor, we identify the best-in-class partners we have confidence in who will work in your best interest to meet your objectives. They work in conjunction with us to meet your overall stated long-term financial goals.

We can help guide you through some of the most common questions we receive from clients when they are considering real estate and financial options, such as:

  • Is it best to pay cash or finance my real estate investment?
  • What are my financing options? 
    • Traditional mortgage financing vs. non-traditional financing
  • Should I own the property in my name or the name of an LLC or Trust?
  • What is a Self-directed IRA?
    • Can I hold real estate in a Self-directed IRA?
    • How does a Self-directed IRA work?
    • What are the advantages and pitfalls?
    • Who are my options for Self-directed IRA custodians?
  • What is a Reverse Mortgage?
    • Is it right for me?

We have the answers – and more! 

For these and other real estate-related matters, talk with us so we can help you with your financial goals.

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