Financial Planning Allows Clients To Prepare Financial Strategies For Their Future

At Riverplace Capital, we see financial planning as a process.  Its success starts with defining your financial goals–whether retirement, a college education for a child, or a major purchase.  Getting everything down on paper is the first step.  However, without careful implementation and monitoring, the best laid “plan” can be unsuccessful. Riverplace Capital can help you develop your plan and monitor its implementation.

The five stages of financial planning

  1. Establish Client/Planner relationship
  2. Information gathering
  3. Financial Plan creation
  4. Implementation
  5. Monitoring

The financial planning process includes five stages. 

It begins with defining the client/planner relationship.  We meet and you share your goals and expectations. This can be done over the telephone, via Face Time, or in a zoom meeting.

Next we gather information from you to create an informed financial picture of your specific situation, understanding your goals and risk tolerance.  We analyze and evaluate this information, look at your current asset allocations and forecast future returns based on the historical returns of each asset class.  You want your allocations aligned with your financial goals to ensure that you attain them. By looking at your entire financial picture, we can determine if your assets also are properly diversified to control risk. 

Next we work together to create a financial plan. Information is powerful and knowing how well your needs are being covered can help you make better decisions during this time of heightened uncertainty and stress. You may want to analyze a variety of “what ifs”. Can you be more aggressive with your investments or should you be more conservative? If you get sick, how well can you manage through the illness? Other questions may come to mind that cold rational analysis can help you see through the fog of the moment. If your current allocation is not meeting your financial goals, we will recommend strategies on how to more efficiently deploy your current assets.

The final part of the process involves implementation and monitoring.  This will help ensure that you are living your plan.  We continuously monitor your assets and implement changes based on performance and goal alignment.  No plan is set in stone and all plans need to be monitored and adjusted, as necessary, to make sure your assets continue to work for you. 

At Riverplace Capital we are presently offering to all, not just clients, a free financial plan. This is a $1500 value, for no additional fee. Typically offered as part of our comprehensive service designed to create your personalized financial strategy and build your investment portfolio, we want everyone to have good information during these especially challenging times.  To request your consultation call us at (904)346-3460 or send a note to [email protected]

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