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Financial Planning 

Financial planning allows clients to prepare investment strategies and asset allocations to prepare for a comfortable future. These investment strategies are outlined in a personalized plan designed to define specific financial goals for an opportunity to enjoy retirement, fund a college education, direct investments to a child or grandchild, or for a major purchase. We listen carefully to your vision for the future, then create your personal plan and prepare for implementation along with monitoring and results reporting. As your Investment Advisor and based in Jacksonville, FL, we guide you through the Five Stages of Financial Planning:

  • Establishing a strong Client/Financial Plan Advisor Relationship

Sharing goals and expectations (via phone, Facetime, ZOOM)

  • Gathering Financial Information

Detailing a total “financial picture” and defining risk tolerance by:

  • Analyzing and evaluating all financial information
  • Assessing current asset allocations
  • Forecasting future returns based on historical returns of each asset class 
  • Ensuring your allocations are aligned with attaining your financial goals
  • Looking at the entire picture to determine if your assets are properly diversified to control risk
  • Creating the tailor-made Financial Plan

Understanding decision-making during heightened uncertainty and stress (the “what if?”) allows you to direct us to more aggressive or conservative investments, especially if you are faced with illness; our goal is to help you to see through the fog of the moment before deploying current assets

  • Implementing the Financial Plan

Living your comprehensive plan and making changes and adjustments based on performance

  • Monitoring the Financial Plan

Monitoring assets to ensure they continue to work for you and are moving forward toward your stated goals and objectives

As Registered Investment Advisors, we offer a FREE Financial Plan ($1,500 value, no fee)

We are offering new clients an opportunity to help prepare for the future by allowing us to create a personalized Financial Plan, which is designed to build an investment portfolio, especially during challenging and often chaotic times. Our team has over 100 years of investment experience.

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