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Amid all the bad news being reported on our coronavirus outbreak are also some heartening good points.  Journalism typically seizes upon bad news, the dramatic, and even sometimes promotes ridiculous negative speculation.  But did you know:

  • China, So. Korea, and Singapore have already contained, if not overcome, their coronavirus outbreaks.  These happened quite quickly and took place in very dense populations.
  • In the U.S., we are finally beginning to catch up with the mass testing that is necessary to identify and control the risk.
  • Several of our amazing pharmaceutical companies are already testing remedies for individuals stricken with the virus.
  • Vaccines have been created and are soon to be tested too.
  • People, institutions, and private companies have quickly responded with social distancing measures, sanitation, and other preventative protocols to slow the spread.
  • Our Federal Reserve has taken aggressive measures to support the smooth working of the financial markets.
  • Our Federal Government has already passed some legislation to support individuals and businesses through this time of crisis and much more is on the way.

The good news of other countries having already contained this virus, the fast medical progress in giving us more weapons against this disease, and the massive government support to our economy ought to give us optimism that we can also get on top of this crisis soon and return to normalcy.  Stay steady my friends.

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