Many people say it but few really live up to it. For decades our clients have entrusted us with more than their money, they’ve entrusted us with their future. Riverplace Capital never has direct access to your money. We administer your investments through a custodial broker dealer that you have access to. We have a strict governance policy with outside accountability. In short, we don’t just say integrity, we demonstrate it every day.



If trust is the foundation of a successful relationship, experience is the fuel that builds wealth. The principals at Riverplace Capital are seasoned money managers. They have a deep understanding of the markets and the knowledge and skill to take advantage of the ups and downs in the market. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that Riverplace Capital is always on watch, safeguarding their investments, hopes and dreams.



In today’s volatile market, investing can seem scary, even risky. When the market moves we’re here to reassure and remind you of our goals and plans to achieve them. When the markets are hot, we’re here to maximize returns and celebrate. When life events happen, we’re to make the adjustments that are right for you.

Give us a call at (904) 346-3460. We’re easy to talk to.

Pure Money Management

We are Registered Investment Advisers. Unlike other firms, such as banks, brokerages or planners, we do not sell investment, insurance or financial products.

Families of All Kinds

In addition to individuals and families, we handle pension funds for corporations, cities, fire and police departments and charitable foundations across the state.

Put Your Trust in Us

After decades of retirement investment, we are now helping our clients plan for generations.

Free Financial Planning

We believe strongly in the value of planning as it helps document goals and objectives, and provides a benchmark to measure progress.  Planning helps us provide better, more targeted financial service to you.