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We are here to answer your financial questions. Listed below are questions we frequently hear. Click on the question and the answer will appear. If your question isn’t listed here, contact us and send us your private question. We’ll respond to you directly.

Why should I choose Riverplace Capital over another investment firm?

Riverplace Capital offers a wide variety of investment services and the ability to handle a variety of asset management challenges.  

We provide generalist services for a diverse clientele, including individuals, foundations, pension funds, non-profits and other small institutions.

We also have specialty capability in the following areas:

Small &Medium businesses and their owners

Real Estate professionals and Developers

Over the years, Riverplace Capital has assembled a vast number of other specialists with whom we work to help solve most any challenging situation.  These include:

  • Estate Attorneys
  • CPA, or other accounting services, including specialized areas
  • Insurance specialists for specific needs
  • Life care for elderly assistance and management
  • Special needs experts
  • Legal needs

Our long experience has enabled us to have access to the best in these areas.

How does Riverplace Capital differ from competitors?

A key differntiator at Riverplace Capital is our indivuality of thought and hands-on money management which is done in-house. This is unique for firms of our size and separates us from the crowd. Riverplace Capital researches and selects individual securities, building portfolios to meet each client’s goals and expectations. (see Investing Process for more information). Many other firms use mutual funds or other structured products with their own fees. These fees subtract from your returns

We are also adept at developing tailored tax protection for your business and retirement planning. Unlike many firms, we select individual securities that are more tax efficient than many financial products. We also plan the timing for buying and selling of those investments to best meet your tax needs.


How does Riverplace Capital stack up in the core competency of managing money and producing returns?

We pride ourselves on our investing acumen and the long history of success.  We have supporting results history for you to review upon request. The appropriate comparisons can be determined after we have consulted with you to determine your goals and risk tolerance.  We have a number of different strategies to meet the varying and specific needs of our clients.

How much does it cost to work with Riverplace Capital?

Our Management Fee is 1 ¼% annualized, billed in advance in quarterly increments. This may be paid directly or automatically out of account.  

We are competitive and more or less in the middle of the range in price for Registered Investment Advisory fees.  

In exchange for this fee, you receive from us the following services free of charge:

  • Initial financial consultation
  • Financial Planning
  • Regular face-to-face meetings
  • Trusted advice on numerous matters, financial and otherwise
  • Fees may be discounted for size. Multiple accounts may be aggregated to this fee calculation. Accounts are usually custodied with Charles Schwab or Pershing, a division of/Bank of NY Mellon
  • Transaction costs are born by the account. These are low negotiated rates.  Since RCM trades infrequently, these costs are minimal.


When is the best time to invest?

When you engage us you hire our expertise. We make every effort to understand your needs and concerns before we do anything. Time frame for your investments is an important consideration. Once established we make every effort to meet your expectations in as responsible a manner as possible.

What if I don’t like or connect with the Riverplace Capital portfolio manager with whom I am working?

We have a number of qualified portfolio managers you might be more in tune with and are happy to make adjustments to meet your personal style and investment needs. All portfolio managers work as a team in a collaborative environment. Whomever you are working with is bringing you best in class service that Riverplace Capital can deliver. (Or, see first concern).

What happens to my account and investments if something happens to me?

The management of your assets can continue. This can be for the further benefit of your spouse, partner or heirs. Through our financial planning, we can recommend to you how to best set up your account to best plan for contingencies.

What if the results aren’t what I expected?

Riverplace Capital does not make the business environment.  Difficult periods have happened and will happen again. We make every attempt to protect the long-term value of your assets through our management and investing process.  We usually take a longer-term approach, ensuring that you have quality holdings.  In the meantime, through our planning process, we make sure you do not have to liquidate holdings at inopportune times.

What if I don’t like working with Riverplace Capital?

You have no obligation to continue the service. The management of your assets can be stopped at any time. Your account will be at a third  party custodian and you can do anything with it you wish.

Who we may not be a good fit for.
  • Clients with short term investing time horizon. Our research focuses on a 3-5 year time frame. We also seek to be tax efficient, looking for long term capital gains rather than shorter term results.
  • Individuals who want the cheapest cost. We are competitive and more or less in the middle of the range in price for Registered Investment Advisory fees.  However, we include a number of services free which you may not want.
  • You are not comfortable with a firm that does its own research and selects securities and builds portfolios designed to impact a certain strategy. Many other firms allocate to well know mutual funds and other structured products that may be well known.  These, however, have internal fees that are paid out of the portfolio that they manage. In addition, you pay the investment management firm for their services. Riverplace Capital does not do this.
  • You think you want professional investment management expertise but have trouble relinquishing control. Riverplace Capital operates with full discretion. This is obviously guided by significant research and matched to align with your needs and risk tolerance. Once we agree on a strategy and goals, we do not consult with you on every buying or selling of securities for your account. We report monthly and produce a quarterly performance reports on your behalf, showing you how you are doing, with appropriate comparisons.
  • If you require a lot of one-on-one meetings and live far from our office. We travel some as needed, and ensure each client receives top level service. But we cannot give the same close attention in person to clients at a distance as we can those closely located.  That said, we have many satisfied clients across the United States and are able to effectively communicate with them and meet their needs despite the distance. It is mostly a matter of your communication preference and style.
Does Riverplace Capital take custody of my money?

No, Riverplace Capital does not take full custody of your money.  Riverplace Capital works with third party custodians such as Charles Schwab and Pershing.  An account is opened for you with one of these custodians and they take custody of your funds.  You have your own individual login to view your account at any time.  Riverplace Capital takes discretion of your account which allows us to trade on your behalf within your account.

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