In The Lonely Bull

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Humans love to extrapolate in order to predict the future, but at times major shifts happen that set events on a totally new course.  That may happen in 2014 and we have to be prepared.  Fundamentals are good and have recently gotten better, so extrapolating the recent past of excellent returns seem reasonable.  However, every trend plays out and opportunities move.

We believe opportunities are starting to appear in Europe and other international stock markets.

At Riverplace Capital, we will begin slowly shifting funds to capture these opportunities.  Market performance will tell us where and how fast to proceed.  We have already begun positioning portfolios for this shift.

Many individuals have missed this bull market.  Gaining confidence from recent returns they may try to play catch-up by simply investing where returns have already been made.  This will not work and there is no way to catch-up.  At best, all newcomers to the market can do are hope to realize decent returns from here on out.

We have suggestions as to how to go about this.  This information is included in the ”Talk With Us” section of the January quarterly newsletter, Perspectives.  This will be available on our web-site,

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