Enjoy the Ride!

 In The Lonely Bull

The stock market is giving investors a low volatility bull ride to higher and higher levels.  This isn’t just a recent phenomenon, but has been a multi-year trend. 

Did you know that the market has now doubled since the pre-financial crisis high October 9, 2007? 

Just since the election, this market is up 20.8% and international stocks are up 22.8%.  This uptrend hasn’t been without a few bumps, but compared to historical norms, it has been remarkably smooth and long lasting.

Stock price increases have been driven by and supported by ever increasing earnings.  The U.S. economy is growing nicely and is further supported by growth in the economies of our major international trading partners.  Interest rates are still historically low and not near levels that would constrain continuing growth. 

So what is an investor to do?  Sit back and enjoy the ride!  Stay steady, my friends.

The Lonely Bull

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