In The Lonely Bull

In the past two years, many have had difficulties, so giving thanks may be seen as incongruous but is more important than ever. Philosophers and religious leaders have long stated that it is important to focus on what we have, our blessings, and not on what we do not have. Once one begins cataloging these, it puts a lot into perspective. These words are not to minimize the losses or pass over tragedy, but life does go on and making the best of circumstances is a good way to live.

We Americans are blessed to live in a country where a vaccine can be developed in record time to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Now better therapies are rolling out too. We have a country that has excellent health facilities and professionals, and a government that stepped up to help offset the financial impacts of the economic damage of this health crisis. And there are so many more blessings from living here. Then think about all your personal boons. Yes, join me in giving thanks. Tomorrow will come and we can all make it better. Stay steady my friends.

The Lonely Bull

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