In The Lonely Bull

The stock market has been hanging on any scrap of news about the possibility of additional stimulus for the economy. It finally looks like it will happen. This should help many small businesses and individuals bridge the gap between the increasingly difficult Covid-19 induced conditions to the time when enough people have been inoculated and our economy can reopen.

There has been a rotation from the large growth companies that have done well during this period to those companies that will do better as the country returns to something approaching normal. These include industrials, some materials, more consumer stocks, and banks, among a few others. However, within these broad categories, not every company is participating. Investors have become more selective in identifying the winners from the also rans.

Even though the current coronavirus news is dreadful, investors are anticipating better. Thus, the great juxtaposition of new high prices on Wall Street and record infections and deaths on main street.

Remember, markets anticipate conditions up to six to nine months. That is what is happening; stay steady, my friends.

the Lonely Bull

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