In The Lonely Bull

Almost nothing in this life is all bad or all good. As we look back at 2020, we all can recount many of the difficulties and tragedies of this most significant year. However, there is also some good; lest we forget. As we look forward, some of these are important to investors.

After a devastating Spring, stocks bounced back and some sectors produced terrific returns. Our pharmaceutical industry was able to step up in record time and produce vaccines for Covid-19. Our medical establishment saved many lives, even though we lost too many. Businesses everywhere quickly learned how to operate remotely and make other significant changes to become more flexible and efficient. Technology companies adapted or quickly produced new tools to enable all of this. Even sports found ways to operate. Cheers for all the creativity and resiliency.

Some established trends have been pulled forward by years. Much in our business world has now permanently changed. Opportunities abound for those ready to embrace them. Next year will have its challenges; every year does. The Bull and his partners look forward to meeting them and finding the good. Stay steady my friends.

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