In The Lonely Bull

Do you feel like you’ve been beaten up and down Wall Street, kicked, mauled and then horse-whipped? You aren’t the only one. This has been one of the most volatile periods ever. The U.S. stock market is acting like an immature emerging or frontier market, rather than the mature market it is supposed to be. Triple-digit moves, many over one to two percent, have been occurring daily. Through all of this, we are essentially back to where we started this year; and this is only after one month into 2015.

This market’s biggest problem is that it’s been very good for several years. This makes investors nervous.

“Is this the top?”

“I don’t want to lose what I have made!”

“How can we move forward from here?”

Anxiety has been heightened by success. The bottom line is that fundamentals are good and still getting better. Bull markets do not end under these circumstances; there is plenty of room for our economy and stock market to grow.

Stay steady,my friends.
the Lonely Bull

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