In The Lonely Bull

If you came through this crisis and did not take advantage of the many opportunities, it would be a shame.

Financial downturns are a great time to add to and upgrade assets. No use complaining that everything is too expensive if you do not buy when they are clearly cheap. Remember, assets are cheap because others fear something or are simply unprepared for challenging times. You simply must see through the immediate to envision what things will be like once the fear and panic pass. Things usually turn out far better than many so-called experts forecast.

Economic damage from this crisis will be mitigated by the immense financial response from our federal government. Certainly, the new economy after this will be different from the one before. Some of those changes are already apparent. The Bull has cataloged many of those in previous blogs. So not only adding and improving, investors should better align their portfolios with the new growth opportunities. That is what Riverplace Capital is doing for its clients and partners. Good hunting to all, stay steady my friends.

The Lonely Bull

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