In The Lonely Bull

When it all comes together, the music is lovely.  Low interest rates, worldwide stimulus, good earnings and nowhere else to go, what more could an investor want.  Yet, it still amazes me that so many look to see what’s wrong rather than what is right.

It’s great, just go with the flow for now.

This market will throw off warning signals for a while before this music ends.  So far, there is no sign of serious intent.  Sure, we can have corrections that come out of the blue because of extraneous events.  That happened in September and October with Ebola, worries about the Ukraine, and European economic slowing, but was quickly reversed by the strong underlying fundamentals.

Stay steady, my friends.

the Lonely Bull   

(Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and Riverplace Capital is appreciative of our clients. We so enjoyed seeing and visiting with you. Click on the link below to see pictures from the November 12 gathering at MOCA-Jacksonville provided by Jeff Harrington at HDco, and download those you like.)




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