In The Lonely Bull

Riverplace Capital is offering a free financial plan (value $1500) for anyone during the month of March, not just for our clients.

Information is powerful and knowing how well your needs are being covered can help you make better decisions during this time of heightened uncertainty and stress.  You may want to analyze a variety of “what ifs.”

Can you be more aggressive with your investments or should you be more conservative? 

If you get sick, how well can you manage through the illness?  Other questions may come to mind that cold rational analysis can help you see through the fog of the moment.

Free is free and no one is under any obligation to Riverplace CapitalThe Bull and his partners want to help investors make the correct decisions.  In other crises, we have seen too many people do great harm to their financial futures.  This can be avoided with the proper analysis and counsel.  It is important to stay on a disciplined path.  You may need to make changes, just do them as part of a rational plan.  Let us help you.

The Lonely Bull

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