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Investors must remember, tariffs are a means to reduce imbalances and unfair trading practices.  They are not meant to be a permanent solution.  They are a way to impose costs on certain trading partners to bring them to the point they realize current practices will no longer be tolerated.  Inevitably, these trade disputes will be resolved through negotiations.  How long this will take is anybody’s guess.  Not all disputes will be resolved and not all at the same time.

The trade war will be one that takes a long time.  However, this is a war that must be fought; our economic future depends upon success.

The U.S. can not continue to allow free access to our economy while other countries limit access to theirs. 

We can not be the source for innovation and intellectual property that is stolen by competitors.  Nor can we be a dumping ground for foreign goods that may be subsidized and hollow-out our domestic industries and take our jobs.

Investors must adjust to a new environment; it will not be business as usual. There will be many new opportunities, they just may change from what they have been.  We are fully engaged in this analysis.

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