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Riverplace Capital is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Wohlers to our team as a Vice President.  

Scott’s background is in banking, having managed a branch office for Regions Financial Corp. He is undergoing extensive training and mentoring in this new endeavor. He will become a portfolio manager under the tutelage of our talented staff. Youth, energy, and a good mind are only a portion of what Scott brings to our team.

Scott is married with both a son and a daughter; this should keep him committed. His family moved around growing up but he spent a good portion of his early career in Tennessee. He has been in Jacksonville for over three years and has immersed himself in his new community. Scott’s wife is from Jacksonville, so this has been easy. Once you meet Scott, we are sure you will understand why we are excited to have him.

If you come by the office, please take a minute to welcome him.

The Lonely Bull

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