In The Lonely Bull

We all like to put things into nice, neat categories. It makes it easier to make sense of what sometimes seems chaotic. Unfortunately, most of the universe does not fit our need for order. Nor do processes evolve simplistically. It is actually unusual for any progression to be all one way or another; chaos (fits and starts, retracement etc.) is more the norm.
Many stock market analysts are lining up either as optimistic or pessimistic for the coming year. Not an even split but plenty on each side. More likely, we get neither scenario. Some good some bad is what is presently evolving. Last year’s winners may have become too expensive and are being sold off to buy the much cheaper left behind companies. However, it is not all that clear cut; it is much messier than that.
The key is what time frame do you invest for? Short-term there are catchup trades that are working. However, are these the companies that will grow over time to produce greater and greater value? That is our focus. Long-term growth that compounds value is what the Bull and his partners strive for. We are picking through the messy market of today to find those opportunities at favorable prices. We have made a few changes but mostly have been patient. More good than bad seems to be on the horizon. Stay steady my friends.
The Lonely Bull

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