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Let Our Expert Financial Professionals in Jacksonville, FL, Guide Your Investment Strategy 

You can depend on our expert financial professionals to guide your personal investment strategy to meet your personalized goals.   


Investment Management services offered by Riverplace Capital in Jacksonville, FL, are broad and diverse.  To determine which ones are right for you, one of our investment managers will meet with you to determine your financial goals and other key factors to create a personalized financial plan. 

We approach your plan from a long-term perspective, getting to know you and understand your present financial picture, as well as your short and long-term goals.  We then map out a strategy choosing from a variety of services to come up with your best investment strategy.  While we offer a comprehensive array of financial services, some of the Investment Management Services offered by Riverplace Capital are:

Wealth Management:  Riverplace Capital is a private wealth management firm that works with high-net-worth individuals, small-business owners and families to provide long-term investment income, growth and tax-protection.

Small Business Advising: In partnership with proven best in class partners, Riverplace Capital offers a wide range of comprehensive services for business. Decades of business experience have enabled us to build a broad and deep network of resources to support you.

Money Management: At Riverplace Capital we manage your money, we don’t farm out your portfolio or use standard models. We create our own investment models in-house and develop specified strategies for each client based on your goals and risk tolerance

Retirement Planning:  We help you plan for your retirement, and also manage your investments in such a way as to make the plan a reality. We can help you determine how much money you will need for a comfortable retirement.

Investment Advising: Riverplace Capital is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. There are two types of investing, growth and value. We outline both strategies and explain them here.

Financial Planning:  At Riverplace Capital, we see financial planning as a process. We outline the 5 stages of financial planning here. We can help you develop your plan and monitor its implementation. 

Real Estate Financing Options and Self-Directed IRAs:  Whether it be the real estate asset itself, or the mortgage or financial vehicle used to finance a property, we can help guide you through the real estate investment process.

401k rollover:  When you leave a job for reasons other than retirement, an important and time-sensitive task is deciding whether to transfer your 401(k) into another account. Neglecting this can leave you owning several retirement accounts with a variety of past employers—or tax penalties if your employer simply sends a check and you do not correctly reinvest it in time. This section explains four options to consider for your 401(k) plan.

Tax Protection:  At Riverplace Capital we have provided tax planning and protection for individuals, businesses and other entities throughout the years. Our experience and work with valued partners allow us to maximize your tax savings and anticipate your needs.

Opportunity Zones: Learn about another way to defer capital gains.