In The Lonely Bull

If you are a bull or just a cow, once a stampede starts, you have to run along or get run over.

This stock market has become a stampede.  It started when too many traders bet wrongly on the election and the reaction to it.  Once the trend or stampede started, they had to join in.  This stock market move also marks a clear break with the previous leaders.  This was underway before the election, but now is emphatic.

How far does this go? No one can know, but probably farther than most believe possible; another surprise in a year full of them.  Riverplace Capital also raised cash going into the election, but had, much earlier in the year, moved portfolio emphasis to the value stocks now in the forefront.  This has helped immensely and allows us time to selectively scale in further buys.

Yes, we have seen other moves like this, we know what to do.  Stay, steady my friends.

the Lonely Bull

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