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Riverplace Capital, Based In Jacksonville, fL Shares their Income Strategy For Investors Who Want To Receive Income From Investments

Riverplace Capital

Our Income Strategy is for investors looking to receive income from their investments, not just growth.  This strategy can provide cash flow to the investor to live off of rather than eating into the principal of their investments.  One unique differentiator of our income strategy is we also provide growth to the principal as well.  We strive to maintain a yield between 4-5% for investors while still allowing for upward price appreciation.  We compare performance against the Dow Jones Dividend Select Index. Learn more about Riverplace Capital performance owned and Founded by Peter Bower.

Our Income Strategy at Riverplace Capital, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, currently consists of 25 individual equities each carrying equal weight in the portfolio.  These equities are diversified by individual sectors based upon the expertise of Riverplace Capital.  The primary objective is to provide a reliable stream of growing income.  We use a matrix of analysis.  The matrix has several elements; a top-down review of where in the business world we see opportunities for growth, then a bottom-up in-depth analysis of any prospect as to its quantitative and qualitative metrics. 

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