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Mid Cap Strategies For Investors With a Higher Risk Tolerance

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At Riverplace Capital, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, our Mid Cap 35 strategy is for those investors with a higher risk tolerance.  There is an opportunity for greater returns, therefore more likelihood of volatility in this portfolio.  It is comprised of mainly Mid Cap stocks which are stocks that have a market capitalization between 2 and 20 billion dollars.  These are international companies, and therefore may have more growth potential than some of their larger peers.  Each stock is hand selected and goes through a rigorous process to be added to the portfolio.   We compare our performance against the S&P 400. Learn more about Riverplace Capital performance.

The Mid Cap 35 Equity Strategy consists of 35 individual equities each carrying equal weight in the portfolio.  These equities are diversified by individual sector based upon the expertise of Riverplace Capital.   We use a matrix of analysis.  The matrix has several elements; a top-down review of where in the business world we see opportunities for growth, then a bottom-up in-depth analysis of any prospect as to its quantitative and qualitative metrics.

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