In The Lonely Bull

As many of our investors know, we track buying flows into the market at large, by sector, and down to individual securities.  We continue to see strong buying and demand.  Certain sectors are recording especially robust flows; industrials, materials, technology, and financials.  Within these there are leaders.  We continue to evaluate our strategies and individual selections against this current information.

As we develop strategies to meet certain needs, we normally look to a three to five-year time period.  As a result, we may not select every security based upon its current performance.  High performing stocks today may already reflect a lot of future value in their current price, leaving little to gain.  We may prefer something a little more out of favor that has terrific potential over our investing horizon.  However, looking at strong buying demand can point to lucrative opportunities.

The strong demand we are seeing today points to a healthy investing environment.  We believe higher prices and valuations are likely.  Excellent economic fundamentals confirm that view.  The first quarter GDP growth rate of 3.2% is a supporting data point.  Continued earnings growth from so many companies is another.  There are many more; stay steady, my friends.

The Lonely Bull

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