Riverplace Capital was founded on the principles of Integrity, Service and Performance.

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Integrity is the fundamental starting point, serving clients interests with reliable information and strategies formed through an intellectually honest processes and honed by experience. Our clients benefit from more than one century of cumulative knowledge possessed by our team.

Given our extensive experience, we have learned to quickly adapt and respond to new information. A willingness to learn and explore are among our greatest strengths. The firms’ culture promotes discipline in investing as well as intellectual rigor and curiosity. Riverplace Capital has created and adheres to a code of ethics.

Our service standards require that any client need be handled within twenty-four hours. Most issues are handled and resolved immediately. Some complicated issues like account transfers and consolidations take a little longer. Our staff takes pride in the service they provide. All have extensive industry experience.

Performance is the bottom line. It ultimately is what makes investment management worth paying for. It is measured against the client’s stated goals and criteria and we adjust each approach to be specific to the clients needs.

Throughout the years, Riverplace Capital has maintained the goal of outperforming relevant indexes or benchmarks for each of its strategies. This has mostly been the case and we are very proud of the results we have produced. We continue to adapt and adjust our investment processes to further enhance our performance. (Performance history is available to you upon request).

A key differentiator is our individuality of thought and our hands-on money management which is done in-house. This is unique for firms of our size and separates us from the crowd.


The origins of the firm were established in 1998 with the purchase of the assets of Sears Thompson, which was originally formed by Chuck Thompson and Andy Sears. The advisory assets were moved to the newly registered Riverplace Capital Management, as the broker dealer assets remained in the original corporate entity. These were subsequently sold to Mrs. Sheila Collins, a long-time employee of Sears Thompson. This separation allows Riverplace Capital to focus exclusively on investment management without conflicts that could arise from both originating and handling transactions.


Mr. Peter Bower, founder of Riverplace Capital, is a veteran of the industry with 40 years’ experience and an incalculable level of expertise. With a solid start to his career at Merrill Lynch, Bower’s strengths as investor, entrepreneur, financier and financial manager have laid a strong foundation. Under his leadership, he has organized a team that has gleaned great insight into the market, movements in the market, and trends in the industry.  In total, they have 100+ years experience.


Vice Presidents Mark Ross and Scott Wohlers have been tapped to lead the firm into the future. Mark is an alum of Merrill Lynch, with 24 years financial experience, as well as local expertise in real estate. Scott is a former banker, most recently with Regions Bank in the San Marco neighborhood of Jacksonville. Both bring a variety of abilities, expertise, and contacts to benefit clients of the firm. View Leadership to learn more.

If you are looking for integrity, excellent service and top tier performance, Talk With Us.