At Riverplace Capital our standards are high. We constantly strive to provide our clients with best-in- class solutions dovetailed with excellent investment performance.


The Lonely Bull moniker reflects the independence of thought that is central to our investing spirit. It is instilled in our decision-making process and demonstrated in our successful management of assets and services.

We focus on investing service-with processes and methodologies constantly honed and applied to meet the realities of the changing business environment.

Financial consultation

We begin our relationship with new clients by providing a free financial consultation, which takes about an hour. In this initial meeting, we determine your financial goals and learn about other important factors affecting your investment strategy, including risk tolerance and performance expectations.

Together we create a financial plan and design a portfolio specifically to your needs. We then invest your money according to the individual plan we create. Subsequently, we meet with you as needed, refining and updating investments according to your changing needs.


Your money is set up in an account with a third party custodian, protecting your investments. At Riverplace Capital, we use Schwab and Pershing predominately.  In this arrangement we do not take custody of your assets; we only allocate them for you.


You have access to your money 24-7. Through online access to your third-party custodian, you have private, password-protected access to your money and the ability to withdraw your funds.


  • Our Management Fee is 1 ¼% annualized, billed in advance in quarterly increments. This may be paid directly or automatically out of account.  We are competitive and more or less in the middle of the range in price for Registered Investment Advisory fees.

In exchange for this fee, you receive from us the following services free of charge:

  • Initial financial consultation
  • Financial Planning
  • Regular face-to-face meetings
  • Trusted advice on numerous matters, financial and otherwise
  • Fees may be discounted for size. Multiple accounts may be aggregated to this fee calculation. Accounts are usually custodied with Charles Schwab or Pershing, a division of/Bank of NY Mellon
  • Transaction costs are born by the account. These are low negotiated rates.  Since RCM trades infrequently, these costs are minimal.

Account Minimum

Most investment accounts have a $100,000 minimum.


At the time your account is setup, you will begin receiving our quarterly newsletter Perspectives, along with a performance statement. You will also have access to our weekly Lonely Bull blog and Thursday FaceBook “Ask the Bull” stock market updates.

We like to meet at least once a year in person to discuss how things are going and to see if we need to make any adjustments. (Changes can be made at anytime throughout the year).

We are always available by telephone or email to address any questions.


*The minimum annual fee is $1,250 and is negotiable. Current client relationships may exist where the fees are higher or lower than the fee schedule above.