We Want You To Know How We Work When We Provide Asset Management Services

As a Registered Investment Adviser and Fiduciary, your best interests drive our work plan. We constantly strive to provide our clients with best-in-class solutions combined with excellent investment performance.

Financial consultation

We begin our relationship with new clients by providing a free financial consultation, which takes about an hour. In this initial meeting, we determine your financial goals and learn about other important factors affecting your investment strategy, including risk tolerance and performance expectations.  Click here for an overview of our historic financial performance.

Together we create a financial plan and design a portfolio specifically to your needs. We then invest your money according to the individual plan we create. Subsequently, we meet with you as needed, refining and updating investments according to your changing needs.


Your money is set up in an account with a third party custodian, protecting your investments. Riverplace Capital uses Schwab predominately.  In this arrangement we do not take custody of your assets; we only allocate them for you.


You have access to your money 24-7. Through online access to your third-party custodian, you have private, password-protected access to your money and the ability to withdraw your funds.


At the time your account is setup, you will begin receiving monthly performance reports, our quarterly newsletter Perspectives, along with a performance statement. You will also have access to our weekly Lonely Bull blog and weekly stock market update videos.

We like to meet at least once a year in person to discuss how things are going and to see if we need to make any adjustments. (Changes can be made at anytime throughout the year).

We are always available by telephone or email to address any questions. Call us at (904)346-3460. We’re easy to talk with.