In The Lonely Bull

“From many, one.” This motto is on our great seal and some of our currency. It signifies the aspiration to create one nation from many different people: some native but most immigrants. We came from all over the world. In fact, immigrants are still coming. My family came from Germany in the early 1950s. Maybe being a relatively recent and first-generation immigrant gives one a different perspective. In my case, one of gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful aspirations upon which our country was founded.

Even if all the ideals of our founding have never been fully realized, they are still beacons for advancement. “Liberty for all” is a foundation stone for our society and our economic system. It allows us to engage in commerce on our own terms and has led to the most dynamic economy in the world; long may it live. So, on another anniversary of our “Declaration of Independence,” it is a good time to take stock and be thankful. Happy fourth of July everyone.

The Lonely Bull

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